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What we do

Everything you need to collect, analyze, and share behavioral data

Video Tracking

Track animal movement in any maze or home cage using a smartphone. Generate variables like distance traveled, time spent in zones, and velocity.

Manual Scoring

Observe video and manually key behaviors. Invite collaborators to contribute to analysis. Export variables like count, duration, and latency.

Hardware Bridge

Connect lab instruments to stream data directly to your BehaviorCloud account. All of your data unified in one cloud platform.

Trusted by researchers at over 500 labs

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At a Glance

Everything you need to instantly start basic rodent behavior research.

5-second calibration

Keeps you moving

Print off our calibration target once and BehaviorCloud will automatically determine distance calibration before each experiment.

Mobile or Desktop

Power in your hands

Run experiments from either your phone or desktop so you can efficiently start runs on your own or have someone orchestrating from the desk.

High throughput

One or many subjects

Run as many simultaneous subjects as you like. BehaviorCloud lets you utilize as many cameras as you have available.

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Any maze

Choose your experiment

Whether you’re running Open Field, Novel Object, T-Maze, Y-Maze, Elevated Plus Maze, Radial Arm Maze or Barnes Maze, we have you covered.

Cloud-based analysis

Ready to use

Instantly create simple or complex zone maps. Analyze and export everything from raw position data to ambulatory behavior, zone sequence or spontaneous alternation data.

Storage included

No more VHS tapes

We give you free cloud data storage included in your subscription. Keep your data at your fingertips, always accessible anywhere there is internet access.

How it Works

Stream, control and analyze via the Cloud

Test in the Lab. Analyze from Anywhere.

Stream experiment video of your subjects from one or more Android/iOS devices while you preview and control trials from a laptop or second mobile device. Or upload existing video.

Your data are instantly streamed and stored in your secure cloud account. Access and analyze your data from anywhere with internet access, like your favorite coffee shop.

Invite collaborators and manage permissions so they can view or contribute to experiments.

Join over 500 labs doing behavior more efficiently and collaboratively.

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  • Accelerate Discovery

    We're trusted by researchers at top-tier institutions including Stanford, Salk Institute and Harvard Medical School.

  • Start Instantly

    No equipment to buy, nor any installation to schedule. Run your first experiment in minutes.

  • Analyze from Anywhere

    Generate a range of analyses from any browser, whether you're at the lab or your favorite coffee shop.

  • Share and Collaborate

    Add unlimited collaborators to your tests with just a click of a button. No more thumb drives!

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