Launching Maze Sales

Jan 10 2019

We’re excited to announce BehaviorCloud has launched an online store so you can quickly and painlessly purchase mazes and other equipment for your behavioral experiments. No need to wait around on quotes from different vendors. All of our prices are transparent and products are available for instant purchase with free shipping in the U.S.

We offer most commonly used rodent mazes, including open field chambers, elevated plus maze, Barnes maze, water maze, Y-maze, and more. Mazes and equipment intended for additional animal models, like zebrafish and insects, are coming soon. All of our products are compatible with BehaviorCloud video analysis tools, which provide the most advanced solutions available for analyzing animal behavior. Run your experiment from the browser of your choice, including on a mobile device. Analyze your data from anywhere by logging in to your secure account. Collaborate and share by inviting colleagues and managing permissions.

This is the next generation of behavioral research.

Join over 500 labs doing behavior more efficiently and collaboratively.

No credit card required.