Human Behavior Research

Jan 16 2019

Video-based analysis of human behavior is useful in a number of professions, from psychology and education to consumer behavior research. BehaviorCloud offers the most user-friendly and mobile solution for collecting, coding, and analyzing behavior data.

  1. Collecting video has never been easier - Downloading the BehaviorCloud Camera app onto any smartphone or tablet instantly converts it into a mobile data streaming device, making it convenient to record video anywhere your research takes you – whether it’s a classroom, a home, or outdoors.

  2. Coding behaviors is more reliable - Invite colleagues to your experiment and manage permissions, so multiple observers can work in parallel for better inter-rater reliability. Set up custom behaviors and keyboard shortcuts. Work on coding your videos from anywhere there’s internet access by accessing your BehaviorCloud account. Even work on the go from your tablet or smartphone!

  3. Analysis is automatic - BehaviorCloud converts your coded videos into concrete data and insights, including duration, event counts, latency, and more.


Psychology Research

Video-based data collection is critical in academic settings, where researchers such as psychologists, child development professionals, and cognitive neuroscientists study human behavior. Observational data of subjects can be correlated with other measures, like eye-tracking or fMRI, to create a rich set of results.

Classroom Research

Educational research in classroom settings strives to uncover best teaching practices, quantify student engagement, and study the effectiveness of programs for special needs groups. Real-life classroom activity is recorded on video and then student and/or teacher behaviors are coded for analysis.

Consumer Behavior Research

Understanding consumer behavior is crucial to designing successful products and marketing campaigns. Video-based analysis of focus groups, interviews, and usability testing is valuable to generating insights into user behavior and decision-making.

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