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We started our journey to build the next generation of research tools nearly 20 years ago.

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Leadership Team

Derek Edwards

co-founder, ceo
BehaviorCloud CEO, Derek Edwards
  • Rooted in Research Tools

    Derek started his career developing animal behavior tracking tools in 1997, while working for a small instrumentation company in Columbus, Ohio. Over the course of 8 years he had a hand in product lines ranging from video tracking systems and beam break systems to rotating rod and fear conditioning systems.

  • Technology Startups

    After a brief break, Derek has spent the past 10 years pursuing a passion for entrepreneurship. His journey has led him through tech startups in the Clean Energy sector to Medical Devices and, most recently, in Learning and Development.

  • Science in the Family

    Derek became reacquainted with behavior research when he met his wife, a neuroscientist. He got to see first hand how tools in the space are dated and impact the ability of researchers to do their best work.

Christian Lent

co-founder, cto
BehaviorCloud CTO, Christian Lent
  • Expertise in Behavior Tracking Systems

    Christian spent 5 years developing the next generation of products for an Ohio instrumentation company. He drove a major transformation across every product line that enabled greater throughput and ease of use.

  • Detail-oriented Architecture

    In the years since, Christian has held technical leadership positions across a range of startups, with a particular focus on large-scale data processing and analysis.

  • Passion for Research

    Christian is passionate about advancing science through better technology that empowers researchers to make discoveries.

Scientific Advisory Board

Tracy Bedrosian, Ph.D.

BehaviorCloud advisor, Tracy Bedrosian Ph.D.
  • Animal Behavior Expertise

    Tracy is an expert behavioral neuroscientist with 12+ years of research experience in the field of animal behavior. She earned her B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan and her Ph.D. from Ohio State University. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the Salk Institute. Tracy has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on rodent behavior.

Andre Ragnauth, Ph.D.

BehaviorCloud advisor, Andre Ragnauth Ph.D.
  • Entrepreneurship meets Neuroscience

    Andre is an experienced research scientist, with over 20 years experience in neuroscience and animal behavior research. He previously served as founding director of the Animal Behavior Phenotyping Core Facility at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NYC and the James J. Peters Veterans Administration Medical Center, NYC. He also has significant experience working with early stage life science companies as an active affiliate of Harlem Biospace -- the first biotech incubator founded as a public/private partnership in NYC. Andre currently directs the Bio-Behavioral Laboratory and Behavioral Core Facility at the Sophie Davis Medical School of the City University of New York and serves as co-founder of Unify Biotechnologies, a catalyst and advisory company aimed at accelerating the growth of early stage biotech companies. Andre earned his Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology from the City University of New York and completed post-doctoral training at Rockefeller University.