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The first end-to-end research platform for the life sciences.
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  • Connect Instruments

    Our Bridge technology connects your existing lab instruments to the cloud, enabling remote control of experiments and real-time data streaming directly into your account. This makes it easy to collect and analyze multi-dimensional data in parallel.

  • Built-In Analysis Suite

    We provide built-in analysis and visualization tools for all compatible data sources, including photobeam activity systems, video-based activity tracking, and manual behavioral coding.

  • Collaboration and Sharing

    Invite collaborators to view, comment, or contribute to an experiment. You always control your data and manage permissions.

  • Lab Notebook

    Store all your data in one place - from raw data to finished analyses and everything in between. Every version of a dataset is saved and tagged with its collection and analysis settings, so the entire experimental process is tracked, accountable, and repeatable.

  • Secure Data Storage

    Never worry about losing data when everything is safe and backed-up on the cloud. We follow the strictest industry security standards to protect your data. Information security studies show data is safer on the cloud than stored locally.

Trusted by researchers at over 500 labs

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At a Glance

Everything you need to run your experiments. Everything you want to make it simpler.

Data Collection

Keeps you moving

Connect all your instruments to stream data in real-time directly into your account.

Mobile or Desktop

Power in your hands

Run experiments from either your phone, tablet, or desktop so you can efficiently start trials in person or remotely.

High throughput

One or many subjects

Run as many simultaneous subjects or participants as you like. BehaviorCloud lets you utilize as many data streams as you have available.

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Sharing and Collaboration

Because science is a team effort

Invite collaborators and manage permissions to move your project along more efficiently.

Cloud-based analysis

Ready to use

Analysis tools supporting a diverse range of applications. Analyze everything from within your BehaviorCloud account.

Storage included

No more thumb drives

We give you free cloud data storage included in your subscription. Keep your data at your fingertips, always accessible anywhere there is internet access.

For the Entire Lab

We improve your entire lab's productivity and collaboration.

Research Staff

We make running experiments more convenient by providing a central, mobile-friendly platform for controlling instrument settings, running trials, and collecting / analyzing data. The only truly end-to-end cloud solution for life sciences researchers.


Now it's easy to oversee experiments performed by your laboratory staff, annotate and comment on data files, and facilitate collaboration within or outside your lab. When staff members leave, it's easy to transfer experiments and maintain records of all work that's been done.

Core Facilities

High-throughput studies are a breeze with our tools. We make it easier for core facilities to manage their workloads by providing subject management tools and the ability to run unlimited trials in parallel. Send results to clients directly through the platform or allow them to check in on progress during a study.

Join over 500 labs doing research more efficiently and collaboratively.

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  • Accelerate Discovery

    We're trusted by researchers at top-tier institutions including Stanford, Salk Institute and Harvard Medical School.

  • Start Instantly

    No equipment to buy, nor any installation to schedule. Run your first experiment in minutes.

  • Analyze from Anywhere

    Generate a range of analyses from any browser, whether you're at the lab or your favorite coffee shop.

  • Share and Collaborate

    Add unlimited collaborators to your tests with just a click of a button. No more thumb drives!

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