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Human Behavior Analysis

For researchers studying child behavior
  • Setting

    Early detection of autism is an area of active research. Typically researchers observe infants, toddlers, or children in their home or in an observation lab to gain insights into typical vs. atypical behavior.

  • Procedure

    Social interactions and play behaviors are recorded on video or live streamed to the user's BehaviorCloud account for remote observation.

  • Analysis

    Investigators, such as psychologists or child development specialists, score different behaviors and analyze their frequency and duration to generate insights.

Tools to observe and score custom behaviors

Everything you need to analyze human behavior

Record or Stream Video

Upload your videos to analyze or use our free app to live stream video into your secure account from anywhere.

Observe and Score

Use our behavior scoring tools to key different behaviors as you playback video. Work from anywhere, including a mobile device.

Generate data

BehaviorCloud generates analyzed data from your scored videos like duration, count, latency, and more.

How it Works

Record or upload video and analyze behaviors
Setting up a manual scoring experiment
  • Stream or upload video to your account

    Download the BehaviorCloud Camera app on any mobile device and start recording video. View your data in real-time and control recordings from any internet-connected computer or from a second mobile device. No extra software needed. You can also upload existing video you have recorded elsewhere.

  • Configure custom behaviors

    Enter the behaviors to score and assign each one a keyboard shortcut. Behaviors can be timed events, like play, or instantaneous or discrete events, like response to name.

  • Score behavior from anywhere

    Access your videos on the web through your BehaviorCloud account. Play back videos, key behaviors, and review/edit your scoring. Automatically generate variables like duration, latency, count, and event interval.

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Getting Started

See how to observe and manually score behavior anywhere
  • View an Example

    Watch the demo video to see how easy it is to observe and score behavior with BehaviorCloud. This video walks through how to record trials using the BehaviorCloud Camera app and how to upload existing video files. It also demonstrates how to manually score behaviors and generate variables like duration, count, latency, and more!

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