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Science is a Team Effort

We make it easy to collaborate with colleagues around the world
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  • Invite Collaborators

    With a quick email invite, you can set up collaboration for each study. Invite as many colleagues as you would like - from any institution.

  • Manage Permissions

    You always control your data. When you invite a collaborator, you choose the level of access they have - whether it's read-only, commenting, or editing and contributing.

  • Comment and Contribute

    Depending on the permissions you grant, a collaborator can comment on your experiment or even contribute to data collection or analysis. Complete studies more efficiently by working together with your colleagues within the platform, rather than emailing files back and forth.


Why our users love cloud collaboration features
Users collaborating
  • Project Management

    PIs can easily supervise projects and check in on how staff and students are progressing. Add comments and notes to keep studies on track.

  • Distributed Data Collection

    Multiple investigators can collect data in parallel to complete experiments in record time. Great for high-throughput studies or multi-center initiatives.

  • Team Analysis

    Often data analysis is a collaborative effort among researchers, statisticians, and bioinformaticians. Instead of emailing files back and forth, the process is simplified by performing analysis and exchanging ideas within one central platform.

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