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How it Works

Active learning for animal behavior
Laptop demonstrating how to share data with students or collaborators
  • Share video

    Upload your own animal behavior videos or choose from our library. Share videos by sending invites to students. Students log in through their own account to view your materials.

  • Assign analysis

    Students can observe videos of behaviors, access manual behavior scoring tools, and run automated activity tracking algorithms to generate real data. Export .csv files with variables like duration, latency, and count for downstream statistical analysis.

What educators love

Cloud-based and hands-on
Tablet showing video of mouse behavior running in BehaviorCloud
  • Research methods

    Students get a hands-on look at how to analyze animal behavior and produce real data.

  • Behavioral Neuroscience

    Teach ethology online - videos of social interactions, aggression, maternal behavior, and more.

  • Cloud-based platform

    Students can work on assignments from anywhere just by logging into their account.

What you Need

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  • BehaviorCloud account

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  • Contact us

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