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Observation and behavior coding for any condition.

Psychology Research

For researchers studying human psychology, development, social behavior, and more.

Consumer Behavior Research

Ideal for investigators doing market research studies, focus groups, usability, and more.

Healthcare Research

For researchers conducting behavioral studies on doctor-patient interactions, medical training, and more.

How it Works

Play back video and score behavior from anywhere
Tablet showing manual scoring on BehaviorCloud
  • Stream video and other data types

    Record video with a mobile device running the BehaviorCloud Camera app or upload existing video to your BehaviorCloud account. Combine additional data sources if needed, like physiological measurements, to create a complete picture of your subect's response.

  • Configure custom behaviors

    Enter the behaviors to score and assign each one a keyboard shortcut. Behaviors can be timed events (e.g., walking) or instantaneous events (e.g., fecal boli).

  • Score behavior from anywhere

    Access your videos on the web on any device through your BehaviorCloud account. Play back videos, key behaviors, and review/edit your scoring. Automatically generate variables like duration, latency, count, and event interval.


Complex or custom behaviors
Mobile working view
  • Complex behavior analysis

    Record video and analyze complex behaviors, including social interactions, speech, gaze, and more. Great for human behavior observation in a lab or in the field.

  • Inter-rater reliability

    Invite collaborators to contribute to an experiment. Get more reliable data in less time. You control access and permissions.

  • Mobile analysis

    Run experiments on the go by streaming video to your account with the BehaviorCloud Camera app. Analyze data by logging in to your account from anywhere there is internet access - even from a mobile device. No bulky cameras, laptops, or equipment needed.

Getting Started

See how to observe and manually score behavior anywhere
  • View an Example

    Watch the demo video to see how easy it is to observe and score behavior with BehaviorCloud. This video walks through how to record trials using the BehaviorCloud Camera app and how to upload existing video files. It also demonstrates how to manually score behaviors and generate variables like duration, count, latency, and more!

What you Need

Sign up for an account and start now
Smartphone showing log in screen
  • BehaviorCloud account

    Start now by signing up for a free account. Upload videos, analyze, and share data all from one place.

  • And to record video...
  • Android or iOS device

    You will need an Android device running 4.3 or newer or iOS device running iOS 9 or newer. We recommend our Video Bundle that includes everything you need, including camera, tripod, and ceiling mount.

  • BehaviorCloud Camera app

    Install the free BehaviorCloud Camera Android App from the Play Store or iPhone App from the App Store. The app allows you to stream video data from a phone or mobile device to your secure account.

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