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High-quality equipment for preclinical research.

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High-quality mazes for testing activity, anxiety, learning and memory, and more.
elevated plus maze
  • Anxiety-like Behavior

    Test rodent anxiety-like behavior in classic mazes for mice and rats like elevated plus maze, open field test, light-dark box, zero maze, and more!

  • Social and Complex Behaviors

    Shop sociability apparatuses, conditioned place preference chambers, novel object recognition, novelty suppressed feeding, and forced swim test.

  • Learning and Memory

    Measure learning and memory using the Morris water maze, Barnes maze, radial arm maze, Y-maze, or T-maze.

Smart Bundles

Automated equipment and video-tracking bundles.
elevated plus maze
  • Photobeam Activity Tracking

    Automated photobeam-based activity tracking equipment for open field or home cage. Bundled with BehaviorCloud Bridge technology for a unified experience collecting, analyzing, storing, and sharing your data.

  • Video-based Tracking

    Shop popular video-based testing bundles that include everything you need to run your experiment - mazes, video-tracking software, data storage, and analysis.

BehaviorCloud Bridge

Connect all your instruments to your BehaviorCloud account.
elevated plus maze
  • Bridge Technology

    Plug a Bridge into any compatible instrument to enable real-time data streaming directly to your BehaviorCloud account. Control your experiments remotely via BehaviorCloud, analyze the data directly from your account, and access your data from anywhere. A fully unified experience.

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