Photobeam Activity

High-throughput activity analysis for open field or home cage

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Convenient and reliable activity tracking for rodents.

Open Field

Photobeam-based open field chambers provided in partnership with San Diego Instruments enable high-throughput activity and anxiety testing. Stream XY position data from multiple chambers directly to your BehaviorCloud account for downstream analysis of ambulatory vs. resting time, zone entries, rearing, and more.

Home Cage

Home cage photobeam systems from San Diego Instruments enable long-term activity measurements of many subjects in parallel. Great for studying circadian activity rhythms and more. Control your photobeam systems remotely through your BehaviorCloud account and preview the data in real-time from anywhere there's internet.

How it Works

Stream photobeam data to your BehaviorCloud account
Mobile phone streaming video of a rodent
  • Connect your photobeam system

    Connecting a BehaviorCloud Bridge to your SDI photobeam activity system transforms it into a modern, cloud-connected data streaming machine. No extra software needed. Now you can control experiments and receive data in real-time through your BehaviorCloud account.

  • Run experiments

    Configure experiment settings and start or stop trials using your computer or mobile device. All the controls you need in the palm of your hand. You can even check in on long-term photobeam experiments from your phone, without even setting foot in the lab.

  • Analyze and share data

    From raw XY beam-breaks to analyzed ambulatory vs. resting time, rearing counts, zone-based measures, and more. All of your downstream analysis tools are accessible from within your BehaviorCloud account, available anywhere there's internet access. You can also invite colleagues to view or contribute to experiments.

More Data in Less Time

High-throughput testing, multi-dimensional data
BehaviorCloud account demonstrating data collection from photobeam, video, and telemetry sensor in parallel.
  • High-throughput

    Configure 32 photobeam chambers or more for simultaneous data collection from many subjects in parallel. Complete your study in record time.

  • Multi-dimensional

    Connect additional data streams, including video and implanted telemetry sensors, for collecting many complementary data points all at once.

What you Need

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Connected photobeam system
  • BehaviorCloud account

    Start now by signing up for a free account. Upload or stream data, analyze, and collaborate with others.

  • And to stream photobeam data...
  • SDI Photobeam Activity System

    You will need San Diego Instrument's Photobeam Activity System for home cage or open field, depending on your intended use.

  • BehaviorCloud Bridge

    Connect a Bridge to your photobeam system to begin streaming data to BehaviorCloud instantly. Available for pre-order now

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