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Analyze rodent activity in any maze or cage.
  • Home Cage Activity

    Track locomotor activity in the home cage over many days or weeks. Check in on subjects remotely through the app.

  • Anxiety-like Behaviors

    Analyze zone-based activity and latencies in the elevated plus maze, zero maze, open field test, light-dark box, and more to measure anxiety-like behaviors.

  • Learning and Memory

    Track distance traveled and zone entries in the Barnes maze, Morris water maze, novel object recognition test, radial arm maze, Y-maze, and more to analyze learning and memory.

Automatically generate analyzed data

Everything you need to analyze locomotor activity in rodents

Distance and Time

BehaviorCloud automatically generates the distance traveled and ambulatory vs. resting time of your subjects.

Zone-based Tracking

Easily draw zones and analyze how long an animal spends in each zone, number of entries, and latency to first enter each zone.

Activity Traces

BehaviorCloud visualizes the animal's path as an activity trace and exports it for use in publications.

How it Works

Record or upload video and run automated tracking analysis
Mobile phone streaming video of a rodent
  • Stream or upload video to your account

    Download the BehaviorCloud Camera app on any mobile device and start recording video. View your data in real-time and control trials from any internet-connected computer or from a second mobile device. No extra software needed. You can also upload existing video you have recorded elsewhere.

  • Run automated video tracking analysis

    Easily draw zones and automatically generate position and activity data such as distance traveled, latency, velocity and time spent in zones. Export tracked videos and activity traces for publication.

  • Invite collaborators

    Invite colleagues to view or contribute to experiments. Collaborators can contribute to data collection, analysis, or overseeing experiment progress. Set permissions to allow collaborators read only, read/write or admin access. You always control your data.

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Getting Started

See how to run video tracking experiments with BehaviorCloud
  • View an Example

    Watch the demo video to see how easy it is to run video tracking experiments with BehaviorCloud. This video walks through how to record trials using the BehaviorCloud Camera app and how to upload existing video files. It also demonstrates how to automatically analyze animal activity and generate variables like distance traveled, velocity, zone latency, and more!

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